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Follow your heart
Firebending university
Classic gamer
Chemical head
The Beatnions
Digital hope
Digital courage
appetite for salvation
Digital light
Adventures of goku
Attack on freeze
Mega gamer
tech creed
Do you want to play
Digital reliability
Digital friendship
A song of ice and fire  black  Royal blue  Asphalt  navy slate lieutenant Cranberry black
death awaits you
Pirate Time    black  Royal blue  Asphalt  navy  lieutenant
earthbending university
Digital sincerity
avatar school
Samus crest
Grand theft
Digital knowledge
trick or treat
techno ball    black  Royal blue  Asphalt  navy  lieutenant
Pirate Plumber
Pirate Hylian
Attack of the others
airbending university
tech draco
Pirate Scout
Dovahkiin Pirate
Waterbending university
tempus fugit
old soldier
Digital love